Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer System c/w Jexis 2 – Solid Core Door Closer System


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HouseRite ASDC3550GPIT – Cavity Slider/Pocket Door “Push it” Recess Access & Auto Sliding Door Closer Complete system No Power OR Electrician Required

HouseRite ASDC3550GPIT is the Complete Recessed Cavity Slider Auto Sliding Door Closing System:

Combining ASDC3550G with the HouseRite Jexis 2 CRJS101NL2 (Rev2) for a Complete Door Closing Solution. The benefit of having a completely recessed door in “Hold open” mode within Recess/Pocket/Cavity the “Push it” function releases the door and the ASDC3550G continues to close the door completely in a single motion

Do you have issues pulling the Pocket Door/Cavity Door from its recess – “Push it”, Releasing the door from its recess.

The HouseRite Jexis Cavity Release is a neat alternative to front edge of door hardware for retrieving doors from cavity pockets. The Jexis works by loading a spring mechanism when opening the door (specifically the last 15mm). Once the spring is charged, simply push on the door edge to release the spring catch and the door is propelled up to 100mm from the pocket.
Note: Glazed doors require available depth of 120mm.


  • Easy to fit – average installation time is less than two minutes and the only tool needed is a drill, two bits, and a couple of screws.
  • New or existing doors (timber only).
  • Long-life in service.
  • No maintenance required (fit and forget).
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy Access
  • No Fumbling
  • No more holes to put your fingers into to pull the door
  • No more grappling with small Levers, Latches, or Finger Holes to Pull on and get the door released from recess
  • No need to have the door protruding from the Cavity into the thoroughfare giving you a better ascetic finish
  • Minimum aesthetic impact – Both Major components are Concealed inside the door
  • Hold Open Mode
  • Adjustable Closing Speed
  • Easy Installation
  • Doors No Longer Left Open
  • “Push it” Door Access & Complete Closing Solution


  • Cavity Sliding Door
  • Pocket Sliding Door
  • Cupboard Sliding Door
  • Office Sliding Door
  • Shop Sliding Door
  • Home or office
  • You are only limited by your own imagination – Don’t let it be ejected and Slide you by………

Tech Specs:

  • CloseRite ASDC3550GPIT
  • Closing Force ≤ 1.3Kg
  • For Sliding doors with opening ≤ 1200mm
  • Minimum Door Width/Thickness ≥ 28mm
  • For doors with a weight (±35Kg ~ ±50KG) This is only as a guide.
  • Depending on the state and quality of the door ancillary: Door Installation, Rollers, Track etc
  • “Push it” Door Recess access – Just “Push it” and this action ejects the door from its recess and closes the door all in a single motion


  • Model: HouseRite ASDC2035GPIT for doors from ±20Kg ~ ±35KG – (See alternative Listing)
  • Model: HouseRite ASDC2035PAW for Closet Doors / Aluminium Patio Doors etc – See alternative listing

NOT Recommended for Bathroom doors or High Moisture content areas – Moisture content would be detrimental over extended periods to the mechanics of the unit.

HouseRite provides the function and added value to close the sliding door automatically as long as the rest of the critical components are functioning correctly the quality and state of the slide wheel and track array are crucial for good and long operation.

Follow the supplied Manual for full and correct Installation – Read it 2x before doing any modifications to the door – ensure you understand the installation fully – If you are unsure or have any questions call me or send me an email.

Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer System c/w Jexis 2 – Solid Core Door Closer System

Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer System c/w Jexis 2 – Solid Core Door Closer System