HouseRite Jexis 2


Have issues accessing the Pocket/Cavity door from its storage recess – Problem solved “Push it” – Just push the door, It release from the in wall storage recess


  • Easy to fit – average installation time is less than two minutes and the only tool needed is a drill, two bits and a couple of screws.
  • New or existing doors (timber only).
  • Long life in service.
  • No maintenance required (fit and forget).
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy Access
  • No Fumbling
  • No more holes to put you fingers into to pull the door
  • No more grappling with small Levers, Latches or Finger Holes to Pull on andget the door released from recess
  • No need to have the door protrude from the Cavity into the thoroughfare giving you a better ascetic finish
Do you have issues pulling the Pocket Door/Cavity Door from its recess - "Push it", Releasing the door from its recess. The HouseRite Jexis Cavity Release is a neat alternative to front edge of door hardware for retrieving doors from cavity pockets. The Jexis works by loading a spring mechanism when opening the door (specifically the last 15mm). Once the spring is charged, simply push on the door edge to release the spring catch and the door is propelled up to 100mm from the pocket. Note: Glazed doors require available depth of 120mm.

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Have issues accessing your Pocket/Cavity door from its storage recess – Solution “Push it” – Just push the door, It release from the in wall storage recess so No more Broken Nails, No Pull Latches or Finger Holes required

In our tiered product line of offering HouseRite DIY Unique solutions we now also offer the incredible HouseRite “Push it” Jexis 2

Do you have a traditional Cavity Door/Pocket Door and have difficulty in using the unsightly small pull latches to access the door whilst it in the Cavity/Pocket or you know of someone that has difficulty and problems using their fingers and hands to get to the small pull latches – We have a solution. Do NOT fumble with latches, Catches or Finger Grasps to PULL it out from the recess – Just “Push it” and the door will release from the recess where it is stored out of sight.

  • Just “Push it”
  • Flush Fitting
  • Quick & Easy
  • Durable & Tested
  • Stay Closed (Optional)
  • Hold Open Function
  • No more holes to put you fingers into
  • No more small levers/latches to release to pull the door
  • No need to have the door stick out from the Cavity making the doorway smaller
  • Cavity Doors can now be flushed mounted without protruding giving you a neater and cleaner ascetic finish
  • Left & Right opening doors – Same solution.
  • Dual Cavity Doors – Closing in the middle – Again same solution.
  • Installation Instructions – Is available for viewing in the photos

Just HouseRite “Push it” Jexis your Cavity Door – Unique way of accessing the “Cavity Door” when its recessed inside the Cavity/Pocket and out of sight and releasing it from its Cavity/Pocket to easily close

It’s patent pending technology that allows “Push it” Jexis to work within the cavity so you don’t have any metalwork, holes or other clumsy methods of accessing the cavity door, you just “Push it”

Available for new and existing doors, installing the “Push it”Jexis on your cavity sliding doors is simple, quick and easy. The average installation time on the door itself is less than two minutes and the only tool needed is a drill, two bits and a couple of screws. No routing, no chiselling, no mess, no fuss!

Those of you who have a Cavity/Pocket Door will know it is only too easy to slam the Cavity/Pocket door into the back of the pocket. The Jexis prevents this, it’s spring loaded action acts as a shock absorber stopping the door from jarring and preventing damage.

So let us help you:

Order your HouseRite “Push it” Jexis 2 Today!

Joining thousands or others having had their problem solved – Just “Push it”.

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions 150 × 75 × 40 mm
HouseRite Jexis 2

HouseRite Jexis 2