Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer – Solid Core Door Closer System


HouseRite ASDC3550G – Cavity Sliding Door Closer
Closing force ≤ 1.4Kg
The door weight (±35Kg ~ ±50KG) IS only a guide.
For Sliding doors with opening ≤ 1200mm (Optional 1500mm)
Minimum Door Width/Thickness ≥ 28mm
Minimum aesthetic impact – Installed with the door
Hold open Mode
Adjustable closing speed
Easy Installation
Keeps the door closed
Work, Shop or Home applications

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HouseRite ASDC3550G < 50Kg- Auto Sliding Door Closer – Non Electrical/No Electrician Needed – Discuss your needs prior to purchasing the door 

Items can then be supplied and installed into the door during manufacture:

  • Keeping the installation clean and factory fitted
  • Ensuring sufficient design to fit everything correctly prior installation & delivery
  • Reducing Installation Time & costs
  • Make sure everything fits and works before installation

Model: ASDC3550G

HouseRite provides the function and added value of closing the sliding door automatically and keeping it closed as long as the critical components are functioning correctly without impediment. The installation as well as the quality and health status of the Roller wheels and track array are crucial for longevity and carefree operation.

The ASDC3550G can be installed in 2 ways either as:

  • Slideby version mounted to the side of the door or on the wall (Patio Doors, Screen Doors Cupboard Doors)
  • Inserting Door closer into the door by routing a cavity into the top of the door this is the most unobtrusive and aesthetic (Cavity/Pocket Doors)

The ASDC3350G may be combined with the optional HouseRite Jexis (Jexis 2) unit so the door closes using the “Push It” Feature this releases the door whilst in “Hold Open” mode. The Jexis 2 is a value added feature adding to the aesthetics (No Pull Holes/Lifting latches – The door has a Clean leading edge finish), the leading edge of the door is installed flush with the architrave of the cavity (Door does NOT protrude into the Door thoroughfare) “push-it” door access releases the door:

  • from the “Hold Open” mode
  • ejecting the door
  • The ASDC3550G door closer closes the door from the simple “Push it” action

Follow the supplied Manual for full and correct Installation – Read it 2x before doing any modifications to the door – ensure you understand the installation fully – If you are unsure or have any questions call me or send me an email.


  • Cavity Sliding Door
  • Pocket Door
  • Cupboard door
  • Office Sliding Door
  • Shop door
  • Patio Door
  • Screen Door
  • Privacy Door
  • You are only limited by your own imagination.
  • Kits are available and optional for Aluminium Sliding doors
  • For Doors from ±20Kg ~ ±35KG Weight Range – See alternative Model ASDC2035G
  • We also have units for Closet Doors/Aluminum Doors/Patio Doors – See our alternative Model ASDC2035SBC

Additional information

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 125 × 22 × 80 mm
Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer – Solid Core Door Closer System

Cavity Slider Sliding Door Automatic Closer – Solid Core Door Closer System