Insect Screen Sliding Door Automatic Closer General Purpose


Automatic Insect Screen Sliding Door “Closer” Smooth & Silent, Easy DIY, Doors closing to the left or Right – Compatible, No Power or Electrician Required for Insect Screen”Sliding Doors” – GlideRite ASDC0001GP

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“GlideRite Insect Screen Sliding Door Closer”Ultra Glide

1 Year Warranty

The Ultimate Corrosion Resistant, Durable, Light

Weight Sliding Door Closer


Are YOU tired of REPEATING?

Don’t slam the door!

Please close the door!

Who left the door open?

Oh NO FLIES! Who left the door open?

Were you Born in a cave?

Close the Bloody door!!!

STOP Slamming the door!!!


Walking behind others continuously having to close the sliding door!!

This can help to alleviate stress caused by the above – Something less to think about

Let us Help YOU¦……….

Introducing the “CloseRite GlideRite Sliding Door Closer” with its Many Features & Great Benefits:

Quick & Easy Installation

The Door Glider fits security and General Purpose fly-screen doors up to 1200mm – longer lengths available on request.

Heavy Duty units are also available see ASDC0002HD listing

Easily Adjustable Closing Speed

Will close the door gently and automatically without the need to constantly ask someone to do it.

Self latching for peace of mind.

Unique Key-less ‘Kiddy’ Lock


Light Weight and Durable

Optional Height for Elderly & Physically Challenged

All Corrosion Resistant Material

(GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Maintenance Free

Easily Removed for Relocation if Required

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

Convenient & Affordable

Suits Most Security and Fly-screen Sliding Doors

Comes complete with Kiddy lock, Installation Instructions & All components.

So let us help you:

Order your “CloseRite GlideRite Auto Sliding Door Closer” Today!


The photographs on the left show various stages of operation.

It is recommended that this product NOT be used on Glass Sliding doors to prevent small

hands or fingers getting in the way

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We reserve the right to charge a 50% restocking fee. Please note the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs incurred and postage charges cannot be refunded whether or not we have charged you postage. If you return a Free Post item/s we will deduct all and any charges we incur.

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I simply changed my mind


Faulty Unit

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Additional information

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 530 × 50 × 50 mm
Insect Screen Sliding Door Automatic Closer General Purpose

Insect Screen Sliding Door Automatic Closer General Purpose