ShoweRite Shower Manager Timer Flow Controller

Shower Timer Flow Controller - ShoweRite

Shower Timer Flow Controller - ShoweRite

ShoweRite Timer Flow Controller

Unique Innovative Water Saver & Shower Manager

The idea is simple - Control the Shower Time and Water Flow Velocity = $$$ Saved - Reducing wasteful, costly "excessively long showers".  ShoweRite is patented, a solution providing you with a selectable Shower time limit reducing the water flow by after the set time has expired. This change from Full-Flow mode allows the bather to rinse after their expired Shower time yet gently adds discomfort due to the lack of Full-Flow mode encouraging the bather to exit the shower on time.


"Simple Idea - well executed"

Model: SRSM0004

ShoweRite Timer & Flow Controller in 1 device Saving Water, $$$$ & Reducing Stress (No more managing/Policing the bathers shouting:

 "Get out the shower" you will hear them 1st when their times up)

No Electrician/Plumber needed Fast & Easy DIY Installation

It Works Because You Set the Time Limits to Fit Your Lifestyle

The "ShoweRite" Is a two-phase Timer & Contoller device:

Phase 1: Timer phase allows a full-flow of water for a selective time period: 5, 8 or 11 minutes.

Warning Tone: 1 Minute before the bather’s shower time expires, a tone (beep) will alert the bather that their Full-Flow showering cycle is nearing its end.

Phase 2: Controller Phase when the selected time (5, 8 or 11 minutes) expires the water flow is cut by , providing sufficient flow rate to finish rinsing.


The Full-flow time selection setting programming is done by placing a special magnet (provided) to a marked spot on the side of the ShoweRite case. As the magnet hovers over this spot, the unit will emit a beep or series of beeps. Each beep corresponds to a full-flow time setting. We recommend that you keep this magnet in a safe place - Not so safe that you forget where you have put it though. If a bather does get the magnet, the longest shower they can set is 11 minutes.

Override Protection - Prevents Extending the Shower

The ShoweRite has a 5 minute Reset Period preventing the bather extending the programmed high-flow period.

The unit will operate at reduced flow until the taps are closed changing its status to NO Flow.

The NO Flow status starts the 5 Minute Reset Interval and this NO Flow status must remain unchanged for the full Reset Period.

Opening the taps during the reset period causes a Flow Infraction changing its No Flow Status and Restarts the reset period. Flow during this infraction remains reduced by ⅔.

Once the Flow Infraction has stopped,and the NO Flow status remains for the FULL allotted 5 minute reset period without any further infractions during this time. The unit resets to normal Full-flow mode for the next bather.

Feedback form surveyed customers: 5 minutes is sufficient to discourage bathers from "waiting it out," but not to long as to upset the next bather.


Easy Installation,Operates on Small 9-Volt Battery

In most applications, the unit will fit between the service pipe and your shower head.To install it, rotate off your shower head. In its place, rotate or thread on the ShoweRite unit; then thread back your shower head on to the ShoweRite unit.

Your unit comes installed with a battery and is factory set at a 5-minute full-flow setting.The unit’s patented functionality is powered by a single 9-Volt battery. These 9-Volt batteries are available at hardware stores and grocery stores. They are low cost (as far as batteries go), but have a long service life.

Typical battery life is dependent on usage; however, battery life should exceed 4 ~ 6 months even for a unit that is seeing regular and frequent usage.

Does Not Alter the mixture of Hot/Cold Water

When the ShoweRite goes into restricted-flow mode, it does not alter the mixture of Hot / Cold water. That important function stays with your main shower (On/Off) valve. ShoweRite Is Unique - the water flow is never cut-off entirely. Note: if the water flow was cut off entirely, that action would render the main On/Off valve redundant.

No Need to Tolerate Long Showering

Long showering times have been around for some time; probably going back to when you were a teenager. Many users of the ShoweRite say they have tolerated long showers far too long, but couldn't find a solution until they learned about the ShoweRite Solution.

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